Reason for Being

As much as I enjoy keeping up with my blog -- liberating my mind and flexing my artistic muscle -- sometimes I question why this thing exists. I mean, it doesn't have a purpose other than being a medium where I can freely express myself in a way that suits me. I keep thinking it's kinda pointless (the word 'random' is in the title, for crying out loud), but then again, maybe my sanity and good mental health is reason enough. I certainly don't need anyone's approval and there isn't some copy editor breathing down my neck to rid my work of the 'shits' and 'fucks'. I will never have a Pulitzer (or whatever award they give to bloggers) for my transitory musings. It's comforting knowing I have a place to get peace of mind while giving the world (or whomever bothers to read this) a piece of mine. God, waxing philosophical like this almost makes me feel as neurotic as Woody Allen did in Manhattan. But I think I found the answer. My blog exists because blogging is powerful, as this fellow WordPresser puts it. Whoever this person must've felt the same way I am because they hit the nail on the head. And they did so in a very eloquent and thoughtful manner. Good stuff. Thank you, random person is the blogosphere. You made my randomness seem not so random anymore.