'How Ramen Got Me Through Adolescence'

Veronique Greenwood, writing for The New York Times:

For more than three years I ate a packet nearly every day, a thousand steaming bowls. I read easily hundreds of novels. My life had two poles: the reliable, satisfying bite of those shelf-stable noodles and the warm cocoon of the world’s books. Ramen --- Top Ramen, which I think is the brand Greenwood alludes to --- is a staple of my childhood memories. I vividly remember my grandmother making it for me, always straining the broth and putting melted butter atop the cooked noodles. I also would cook the noodles sans seasoning packet, and add my own ingredients from the pantry to create a sort of pasta salad-esque concoction. Ramen sticks with me to this day, although it isn't the dietary regular that it once was (fortunately). I still eat it cooked, but my girlfriend has turned me on to "Asian Cheetos": broken up, uncooked noodles mixed with the salty goodness of the seasoning packet.