John Gruber, in response to Benjamin Jackson on “seeing it”:

But they misunderstand what good marketing really is. Here’s how Apple does marketing in a nutshell: Make a great product, then let people know about it. That’s it. Neither aspect of that is easy, but the important thing is it has to happen in that order. It all starts with a great product.

And a great product is defined by the experience of actually using it (including buying it and setting it up) — not by its individual components’ technical specifications.

What Gruber’s talking about here is, as he says, a matter of priorities.

Android fanboys love to mock Apple fanboys for mindlessly buying whatever’s got an Apple logo on the back, but it’s misguided criticism. For the same reasons Android users like to do whatever they want with their phones, download apps from anywhere, and use the latest technologies like LTE 4G, iOS users choose iPhones and/or iPads because they like polished software, ease of use, and best-in-class hardware. The simple truth is we just have different priorities.

Of course, having priorities means making trade-offs: I value this more than that, and I’m willing to concede certain things. A lot of people like rooting their phones and getting apps from more than one storefront. Maybe the phones they choose aren’t as elegant and refined as the iPhone, but they don’t care. Likewise, iOS users are willing to sacrifice autonomy for a -- in our opinion -- better UI/UX and, again, the best built devices in the industry. These are the things I prioritize.

That’s why the incessant flame-throwing from the respective camps is ridiculous. People are going to use whatever they like, whatever makes their lives easier. Period. Google doesn’t have to lose for Apple to win, and vice-versa. This “winning” shit is fucking stupid. Use what you want, and shut the fuck up. Every platform has its place. This isn't class warfare.