'Pujols is Irrelevant'

Joe Posnanski for NBC Sports, on Albert Pujols's slow descent into irrelevancy:

[T]he truth is that Pujols has entered a different phase of his career. After years of being the best player in baseball, Pujols is now sort of beside the point.

Look: He is 33 years old, just beginning a $240 million contract, and he’s playing for an overpriced and kind of dreadful team that looks like it was built by a rotisserie baseball beginner who ran out at the last minute and bought three fantasy baseball magazines. He looks hurt. He looks tired. He looks out of place. He looks … well, truth is, who is even looking anymore?

I was highly skeptical when the Angels signed Pujols. Contracts like his for players over 30 are dumb.

He's past his prime and on the downward slope of his career. It happens, even to the great ones.