So last semester I took an American Government class as part of my graduation requirements. It was a great experience -- commiserating with classmates in a weekly blog, writing about California's redistricting protocols, and learning about the Solicitor General, among other things. It was fun. I was almost sad to see the semester come to an end. Almost. One of the things my instructor made us promise on the last day of class was that we had to become more informed on the issues. And by "informed", she didn't mean watch the nightly local news or, for that matter, Fox News. It makes sense because even if you don't vote -- not voting doesn't mean you can't have opinions, by the way -- you should at least educate yourself about current events and issues, like Egypt. And preferably from reputable sources. So I took that to heart and, to that end, decided I was going to make a more concerted effort to keep myself abreast of what all the wretches and kings people running our country (and others) are doing. I added sites like Mother Jones and Progressive Review to my Twitter feed in hopes of becoming a better-informed citizen. The only downside to this has been MoJo and ProRev don't have iOS apps. I'd love to read on my iPad and iPhone and perferably not through Safari, although on the iPad it isn't too bad. Now, MoJo and ProRev are decidedly liberal sources that aren't afraid to skewer Dems either. My political ideologies have always been left-leaning, probably due in large part to my uncle's influence and the fact I've lived in the Bay Area my entire life. I support a woman's right to choose, gay marriage, and the idea that Democrats are really just Republicans Lite. They may have different viewpoints, but they both drink from the same trough. Imagine my disappointment when I found out President Obama considers Ronald Reagan one of his heroes. (On a side note, I always hear people yearning to go back to the Reagan "glory" years. They all say he was great because, golly gee, he was a real nice guy. Problem is, niceness doesn't equate to sound policies.) So yes, you'll likely find me laughing at something like this:



...while equally laughing at this:

...and laughing even harder at this:


Definitely check out Mark Fiore's political cartoons. Great stuff. I highly recommend it.

I'm the type of guy who didn't get offended Christina Aguilera totally butchered the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. I'm the type who thinks Obama should call for nationalized health care. Hell, I even think that our two-party system is fucked up because two parties can't possibly be fully representative of ALL the people. It's disproportionate representation and it's sad that the Ralph Naders of the country have virtually no chance at making a difference except spit in the eye of the machine for their own satisfaction.

Yeah, I admit it. Every time I said the Pledge of Allegiance in school was a lie. A farce. I'm not patriotic and America's not that great. Far from it. And, NOOOO, I won't move somewhere else, thank you.

Too bad Constitutional Conventions are so eighteenth century.