'A Company Made of People'

Allen Pike shares his thoughts on Tim Cook's Apple:

Today, the people, their personalities, and their values are starting to shine through. Beginning with the leadership “changes to increase collaboration,” through the departure of Katie Cotton as the head of PR, to the most open WWDC in memory, it’s become clear that this is intentional. [...] Of course, this is a shift, not a revolution. Apple will never get to the point where their culture tolerates, say, employees publicly tweeting that their CEO should step down. Indeed, as a public company with fierce competitors, they’re obligated to maintain decorum and secrecy around things that are materially sensitive. Still, around the things that aren’t core secrets - developer relations, employee personality, and standing up for their values - Apple is feeling more like a chorus of real people and less like a monolith. It really is great to see Apple being more open, in more ways than one. See also: My pal Kyle Baxter's piece on Apple's evolution under Cook's watch.