Persistence is Futile

Yesterday, I -- along with many, many others, apparently -- suffered through the worst shopping experience ever. And all we got for it was this bit of damage control from PR. You see, yesterday was June 15, the first day Apple (and AT&T and Best Buy and Radio Shack) started accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 4. And I was majorly excited because the arrival of the new handset means the arrival of a new iPhone for me, thus ending my trip back to the last century. But it wasn't to be. Apple's (and AT&T's) servers that should couldn't and made the pre-order process more painful than listening to William Hung sing. It was quite the ordeal; even now, Apple's website still gives me the run-around and Apple's (still) not accepting calls to their 800 number. And AT&T? Well, to make matters worse, their server issues could be linked to yet another security breach, so they've stopped taking pre-orders altogether. "Temporarily suspended" is the official line from the company. In any case, I'm still pretty miffed that I, unlike the other 600,000 people who inexplicably made it through the server crisis unscathed, won't be getting my new iPhone next Thursday. Despite trying and trying again for hours on end, I'll still be using my piece of shit Samsung flip phone for at least another month. I've decided that, as much as I want Apple's latest and greatest shiny thing, it's not worth the aggravation. I'll let the pre-order people have their fun (and let my blood pressure drop) and just get one sometime next month. So, in the end, I'll get mine, but it won't change the fact that me and a whole  lot of other people think Apple and AT&T could've handled the situation a helluva lot better. Like have Jimmy work quadruple overtime to ensure their respective servers were ready for the onslaught. After all, Apple's only a multi-billion dollar corporation. (Of course, none of this would matter if I wanted a white iPhone 4 since they're unavailable, but...) On the bright side, yesterday did bring the cool new Mac mini, Mac OS X v10.6.4, and the Apple Store app for iPhone and iPod touch. Then again, today Apple released iTunes 9.2 which -- SIGH -- added support for iPhone 4, among other things. Note to self: Never jump on the pre-ordering bandwagon ever again. You'll just fall off.