'You Could Buy Those Two Books and Save 50 Grand on Cooking School'

Carolyn Jung, in a profile of Jacques Pepin for the San Francisco Chronicle:

He is a throwback to the days when cooking shows actually were about teaching people to cook.

While others on TV are hell-bent on histrionics, throwing down he-man portions of food and boosting bad-boy personas, Pepin’s gentlemanly manners and graceful movements with a knife are enough to leave a roomful of culinary students rapt as he merely bones a chicken. His seminal “La Technique” and “La Methode” cookbooks are modern-day bibles of cooking. And his TV shows are beloved and watched repeatedly, even by veteran chefs, such as Mark Franz of San Francisco’s Farallon, who say the episodes never cease to inspire them.

Pepin is, unquestionably, my favorite TV chef. His food knowledge and his knife skills — his speed, in particular — are extraordinary. I watch reruns of his shows all the time; the fact that he teaches instead of entertains (in the Food Network sense) is so refreshing to me. He truly is the chef’s chef.