Pedometer++ 2.0 Released

Developer David Smith released yesterday a major update to his step-tracking iPhone app:

What’s New in Version 2.0

Thank you for your support of Pedometer++

++ Major update to the visual design

++ Can now view a whole week at once on a single screen

++ Improved sharing to include more data

++ Added ability to export your step counts.

++ Added localizations for German, Spanish, French, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Italian and Japanese.

I have Pedometer++ on my Home screen, and really like it. The 2.0 update makes the app even better — more polished, more data, and Avenir basks in all its typographic glory. Pedometer++ is one of those fitness-type apps that take advantage of the iPhone 5S’s M7 co-processor, to great effect.

I’ve been using Pedometer++ since last October. This is one of my favorite new features of 2.0:

Pedometer Steps

If you’re interested in tracking your daily steps, I highly recommend Pedometer++.