'iOS 7: Designed for Apple's Next Billion Customers'

Matthew Panzarino, writing for The Next Web:

First things first: iOS 7 is young. In look, in feel and in its dismissal of physical metaphor — iOS 7 is made for the next generation of Apple customers. I like to say that it feels younger, lighter and brighter, and those traits work on several levels from the color palette of the icons to the lighter weight text.

Remember, the next billion customers that Apple has to sell to were around 6 or 7 when the iPhone was introduced. They quite literally have no idea what the world was like without it.

Now, they’re 14 or 15 or 16 and looking for something that doesn’t feel as static, as heavy, as old. iOS 7 looks at home when paired with the iPod touch colors already, but there are even more opportunities to make their play for the younger crowd.

This is a great piece by Matt — very smartly written, as usual.

The iPhone and iOS are so ingrained into today’s culture that even I, at 31, have trouble at times remembering what life was like before 2007. I’m glad to have vivid memories of those days because they give me perspective, but I can only imagine what the teenagers of today feel like. Matt is right on when he says iOS 7 (and the rumored colored, low-cost iPhone) are going to be big hits with this demographic. Gangbusters, indeed.

(via Stephen Hackett)