One Year Later

It was a year ago today that I created my Thoughts blog and I'm happy to say it's been fun watching it grow this first year. I'm very thankful that the Internet has afforded me a place where I can express myself and speak my mind. And while I'm sometimes miffed at my smattering of followers, the reality is I keep up with this blog for my own sanity. It's a way for me to achieve peace of mind while giving the world a piece of mine. This blog has been such a success story for me that I've even blogged from my iPad, although using a Web browser is infinitely easier and I have easier access to content just waiting to be hyperlinked. Yes, it's been a good first year for my blog and I'm hoping Year 2 will prove to be just as productive -- if not more so. At the very least, writing in this thing has enabled me to sharpen my computer skills. Like resizing that "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" banner you see up there to fit in the left-hand corner or embedding YouTube videos into my posts. Still haven't fullest grasped the whole HTML thing, but I'm learning. So yes, Happy Birthday, Dear Blog. In honor of this most special occasion, I give you this: [youtube=]