On Women in Tech

Brianna Wu for Macworld, "Integrating Women Into the Apple Community":

You can tell the health of a community by looking at its culture. Largely, I’d say that the members of Apple’s development community are aware and respectful of women’s issues—but when it comes to implementing change, it’s still a mixed bag. Chances are, if you’re listening to an Apple hobbyist or development podcast, reading a review of a development product, or reading a website about development issues, you are not hearing from women. Brianna is a vocal advocate of women in tech, and this piece is a great representation of her voice. I see a lot of parallels in the work Brianna does for women and the work I do for the accessibility community. She and I really are different sides of the same coin, insofar that we're both strong advocates for our respective minorities. Speaking from my own perspective, I've had to fight my entire life for every ounce of recognition I've ever received --- and it continues to this day with my freelance work. It's a tough, uphill battle, but folks like Brianna and myself will never stop fighting the good fight. Our causes are too important to the Apple community --- and to society at-large as well.