On White Truffles

Elizabeth Kulze, writing for Vocativ:

The truffle. It’s the hallmark of haute cuisine. Sorry, caviar, but you’re no match for the truffle’s earthy-flavorred tastiness, beloved by chefs and epicures alike. The specialty comes in several varieties, including black and burgundy, but Italian white truffles are the most revered, and in turn, the most valuable. Alba, a hilly area in the Piedmont region of northwestern Italy, is especially famous for its culinary gems, and it’s the place to look if you are hoping to find some.

The closest I’ve ever been to experiencing truffles is via truffle oil — which, for some, isn’t much at all like having the real thing. Still, though, paying $20 for a bottle of truffle oil is considerably less expensive (and considerably more accessible) than spending a fortune on the real deal. (The pasta dish Kulze shows looks incredible, by the way.)

(via The Loop)