On the Staying Power of the '-gate' Suffix

Paul Farhi, writing for The Washington Post:

“I suspect ‘-ghazi’ will not last. Two syllables — one too many. Too hard to spell. Also it is a scandal that has flopped so far. ‘-Gate’ is simple, one syllable.”

Says who? Says Bob Woodward, who along with Carl Bernstein did the reporting for The Washington Post that helped ignite the Watergate scandal more than 42 years ago.

Woodward claims no credit for “-gate,” nor even for popularizing “Watergate” as the catchall for the Nixonian web of spying, sabotage, financial improprieties and cover-ups. He credits the columnist Jack Anderson for that coinage.

I hate the media's penchant for adding "-gate" or "-ghazi" to every little scandal that makes news --- it's a very tired cliche. It's borderline sensationalism.