On the Sacramento Kings & Seattle

Ray Ratto for CSNBayArea.com, on the Kings possibly relocating to the Emerald City:

They’ll have made a better purchase than Joe Lacob did when he and a slew of partners bought the Warriors for $460M. They’ll be the new public owners in a city that has the reclusive Paul Allen and the essentially invisible Mariners’ owners. He’ll be the savior who returned the NBA to town, and threw in a hockey team the town didn’t even know it wanted on the side. And once he hooks up with a TV network …

Ching. As in Cha-.

See, that’s the real hit here. Hansen and Ballmer can have two marginally profitable teams (or one pretty profitable team like the NeoSonics and a team is marginally not like the Metropolitans/Eskimos/Ironmen/Bombers/Americans/Totems/Breakers/Thunderbirds) and do okay. But the real estate will mean more, and the TV money even more than that.

Let’s hope that Ballmer doesn’t screw up as an NBA (co-) owner in the same ways he's screwed up Microsoft. In all seriousness, though, good for the city to get the NBA back. I think the NHL would also do well there; Seattle’s a legitimate sports town.