On the Purported Retina iPad Mini

Rene Ritchie ponders the trade-offs Apple’s made in creating a Retina display iPad Mini:

Those 2048x1536 pixel screens require a lot of backlight and a lot of GPU power to push around. Since battery chemistry isn’t getting much better, Apple has to rely on everything else, including advances in lighting, screen technology, and processor architecture.

If Apple has succeeded in getting both the iPad 5 slimmed down, and the iPad mini 2 Retina’d up, it’ll be interesting to see what breakthroughs they’ve had, and what compromises they’ve had to make.

I’m very much torn between a full-size iPad 5 and a Retina iPad Mini 2. In practical terms, the former is the better choice, given my visual needs and the fact I use my iPad 3 as a laptop. However, I am in love with the latter’s form factor, which feels so much better in my hands and is more conducive for reading. Moreover, I have reservations about the Mini as a writing device considering its smaller screen, as well as increases in thickness (and weight).

So, yes, I'm a man conflicted. We’ll see what happens Tuesday morning!