On the iPhone 5S Case

Josh Centers wrote 39 words to describe it in his review for TidBITS:

Its exterior leather feels nice and the microfiber interior protects the iPhone’s finish, but the case fits so tightly that it’s hard to remove. Worse, it makes the buttons hard to press, and it bulks up my sleek iPhone.

I agree wholeheartedly with Josh that the case is hard to get off — holy shit, is it ever!

But I like it. I got the Product RED version, and I like how the phone inside the case feels in my hand. In fact, I think it feels better because, when naked, the 5S feels slippery and almost too light, weight-wise. Thus, the case adds friction and weight, which is nice not only physically but psychologically as well. Moreover, perhaps because I have small hands, but the buttons on the case aren’t hard to press. E.g., the Volume buttons worked just fine for me today.

See also: my piece from last December wherein I explain why I like cases.