On the iPhone 4 FaceTime Ad

My ‘FaceTime Every Day’ post from a few days ago spurred a lot of traffic to Steven’s Blog after I tweeted the link, which in turn was retweeted by many others with the message that I had interpreted what the deaf woman is saying in the ad. Since then, I’ve been asked to decipher the sign language used in the FaceTime ad from 2010. Last night, I did just that.

(The audio in this video is horrendous, so I apologize for that. Then again, the audio is immaterial to the purpose of this post.)

Around the 0:33 mark, a deaf couple have a conversation that goes like this:


“I’m so happy to see you!”

“I miss you.”

“I miss you too.”

“I love you.”

The little touches like this are what make Apple so great. Just splendid.