On the Government Shutdown

Marco Arment makes good points regarding the money-grabbers on both sides of the ticket:

[T]he real power in the Republican party is, was, and always be big money. And big money won’t let a debt default happen, because it could be very expensive for them.

Democrats have known this about our party for years: the needs of the people always take a back seat to the needs of big money. Truly liberal policies are rarely even discussed, let alone enacted, even when the Democrats are in power.

My feelings about the two parties have long been that they’re effectively the same. Their ideologies may differ — sometimes drastically so — but the big tie that binds them is big money. Always has, always will be.

This, to me, exemplifies the problems inherent in our country’s political system. I’ve written on this before, but suffice it to say, the two-party system squashes any hope of true progressive ideas even being discussed, let alone voted on. Sure, you can vote Green on principle, but Hell will freeze over before the United States sees a third-party candidate win any sort of influential seat. The current system implies that only two groups have the best ideas, so everyone else is left to toil on the fringes. It’s unfortunate, but it is what it is.