On the 'De-Forstallization' of iOS

John Paczkowski, writing for All Things D:

So what is it about iOS 7 that has caused Apple to rally additional engineering resources? It’s a pretty big update. With SVP of Industrial Design Jony Ive now overseeing interface design, sources say Apple has adopted a unified approach to software and hardware design. And evidently the spartan, elegant aesthetic that Ive has developed around Apple’s hardware is now being brought to bear on its software, as well. Last week, 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman reported that iOS 7 would feature a “flat” design that favors simplicity over flash. I’ve heard similar descriptions from sources who say iOS 7 is iOS “de-glitzed.”

“Put it this way,” said one source who has been briefed on iOS. “You know Game Center’s green felt craps table? Well, goodbye, Circus Circus.”

As Paczkowski mentions, this report corroborates the Branch thread from a couple weeks ago, where it was said that iOS 7 was getting a substantial visual makeover, and that engineers were being pulled from work on OS X 10.9 to aid the iOS effort. As for iOS 7 shipping on time, The Beard says it will.