On the Apple Pro Mouse

Stephen Hackett, in looking back at Apple’s mice, says this about Model M5769:

The Apple Gods smiled upon the Users and the Pro Mouse was handed down from on high. Literally. At Macworld 2000, Apple gave keynote attendees free mice.

Returning to an oblong body, the Pro Mouse was Apple’s first optical mouse, ditching the mechanical rollerball used by most manufactures at the time. It featured zero buttons. Rather, the front part of the mouse “settled” on to the underlying chassis, registering a click.

Originally released in black, the Pro Mouse’s body featured thick transparent acrylic, matching Apple’s PowerMac G4 Cube and other machines at the time.

I really like the style of this mouse. Even 12 years later, still very sleek and futuristic-looking.

This piece is great; I recognize it from one of the issues of System Extension. Stephen's very adept at such retrospectives, and I’m glad he’s putting them on his site. Fun reads.