On Switching

Harry Marks, commenting on “I’m switching from iPhone to X” articles:

[B]ut show me a “switch” article after year one, not month one. Show me what it’s like to go without an update for your phone when other phones are getting it. Tell me if you had to battle malware or fraud because you bought a bogus app six months later. Show me the growth of that platform’s app store from the time you switched up to a year from now. Is it better? Worse? The same?

And don’t tell me what I’m using now looks “old and stale”. That’s not the measure of innovation. I want to know how another product does it better. I want to see what I’m missing from an end-user’s perspective.

Be sure to read the entirety of Harry’s piece; smart writing, as usual.

Myself, I don’t have a strong inclination to see how the other side lives, so to speak. Honestly, I just really like iOS. It’s what I’m used to and comfortable with. And while I don’t consider it to be “perfect” by any means, it gets the job done for me. The breadth and depth of apps are best-of-breed, which is reason enough for me not to stray. That said, if iOS went belly-up tomorrow, I’d probably look into Windows Phone. Call me a hater or fanboy or whatever, but Android doesn’t appeal to me in the least. By contrast, I think Microsoft’s done some really cool things with Windows Phone; it’s a shame that the platform’s lagging a distant fourth in this race.