On Swarm's Problems

Caitlin McGarry, writing for TechHive:

The iTunes ratings for Swarm are lower and the reviews more vicious than on Google Play, where the app has a 4-star average, but even fans of Swarm are asking why Foursquare needed to unbundle itself in the first place. The company amassed billions of pieces of location data with its popular check-in function—it kept people coming back. You could earn points and badges, become mayor of your neighborhood restaurant, and even unlock discounts just by checking in. Swarm shed most of the gamification features that made Foursquare a success. You can still compete for mayorships, but against your friends instead of everyone. Badges are gone, replaced with stickers. (Ugh, stickers.) I'm using Swarm instead of Foursquare nowadays, but it doesn't feel as engaging as it once did. For better or worse, I actually enjoyed the gamification of the leaderboard and mayorships. Plus, I don't like the UI --- or the icon --- of the Swarm app. Overall, I'd say Swarm is a mixed bag; I'll continue using it, but it isn't the same experience. Kinda sucks.