On Plink

Jeff Mueller, on his new iOS app that aims to make uploading and embedding images from iOS easier:

Like a lot of nerds, I write in Markdown, and I use a combination of Byword and Editorial to draft my posts. Editorial can be made to upload images to a CDN, but it’s difficult to set up.

I wanted something simpler that could provide an easy-to-configure way to insert images into my posts directly from my iPad or iPhone. And I wanted it to be something anyone could set up.

Thus, Plink was born.

I’ve seen this linked to by a few others, and for good reason — it sounds like a cool idea. While I don’t use many images in my posts on Steven’s Blog, it is a bit cumbersome to do so from my iPad. Thus, Plink would seem to alleviate much of this frustration, so I’m eagerly anticipating its debut.

(via Stephen Hackett)