On 'Obama's Betrayal'

Stephen Hackett, on President Obama's job performance:

Overall, I still give Obama a thumbs-up, but the last several weeks have really drilled in to me that he’s not all that different. He’s just a man. He’s just a man who plays the game; he just plays it better than most. The reality is that our two-party system doesn’t allow big, drastic changes all that often. That’s a good thing, most of the time.

Compared to George W. Bush, Obama gets a thumbs up for me too. But that's not saying much.

I've long felt that Democrats and Republicans are essentially the same, and I'm not a fan of either party. But my disenchantment with both parties really means that I think the system itself is broken. To me, the two-party system is monopolistic and confining insofar that voters can only choose people from these parties because these are the only two parties that matter. While anyone can vote for a third-party candidate, doing so means nothing except for principle because the system is set up in such a way that we'll never see, say, a Green President. That's bullshit, because the two-party system implies that Democrats and Republicans are the only groups with good ideas.

So while I'm not Obama's biggest fan, I can't totally blame him either — he's just playing the game.

I just wish our country would change the game so that more people could play.