On Obama's Affordable Care Act

Admittedly,I haven’t kept up on Obama’s Affordable Care Act, so this post won’t be as in-depth as the one written by my buddy, Chris Martucci. Instead, I’d like to briefly go over why I think Obama’s plan is flawed to begin with, and propose two more sensible (if not realistic) alternatives.

The biggest beef I have with Obama’s proposal is that it doesn’t go far enough, in my opinion. The fact is that Obama’s afraid to turn off the money pipe to fellow Democrats and, worse, the suits who run the HMOs. What ends up happening is you have a half-assed bill that has to go before the Supreme Court because somebody’s afraid the government is embarking on the slippery slope of telling people where to hang their hats. (And, of course, the HMOs and their execs would be out a shit-ton of money otherwise.) Essentially, the Affordable Care Plan is bullshit because the reality it still doesn’t give Americans the access to healthcare coverage they need (and deserve), regardless of cost.

In my view, there’re two much better options:

  1. Design the healthcare system like education in that it’s compulsory. Establish a public option. In other words, you can go to private schools if you want, but either way you must go to school. Likewise, Congress could do the same with health insurance. The HMOs will still exist for those who want their services, but you have the option to go public if you want. Make your choice, but, again, either way you must have coverage.
  2. Extend Medicare eligibility from 65 to 0. This way, you have some form of coverage upon being born.

These solutions seem like sensible alternatives, right? That the constitutionality of Obama’s plan is being debated just goes to shows what a fucking money-grab this issue is. And it doesn’t need to be. it implies that this decision isn’t about what’s best for the people; rather, it’s about what’s best for the fat cats’ bottom line. Obviously, the best thing for citizens would be everyone to have coverage, but apparently there are a lot of people who see things differently than I do.

It’s times like this that make me cringe at the fundamental lack of common sense and decency our country’s “leaders” have. Everything always has to come down to making a buck, no matter what. It’s really very disheartening. In addition, it reiterates the concept that Democrats and Republicans aren’t really that much different from each other. While they may view the world through different lenses, the fact is they both feed from the same trough. That’s the real fucked up part.

It’s enough for me to consider going Green or moving to Canada. 1

  1. You know, a place where lawmakers are smart enough to institute national healthcare.  ↩