On Nomophobia

Mary Beth Quirk, writing for The Consumerist, puts a name to a feeling I know all too well:

Where is your cell phone right now? Is it right next to you? On the desk? In the other room? Where is it?!?!? If you find yourself mildly freaking out when you're not near your phone, you might have nomophobia, otherwise known as the fear of losing or being unable to use a cellphone. Just another condition they didn't have to deal with way back in yore.


Part of this anxiety could be due to dopamine, which is a chemical the brain releases when it expects a reward. So if you're waiting for that text message to arrive from that one special guy and you can't find your phone, maybe you freak out a bit because you'll be denied that rush of happy feelings when the tiny envelope appears on the screen.

I've joked that being without my iPhone makes me feel naked, but it's really true. My life really is in my pocket. For better or worse, living without my phone is something I shudder thinking about.

As an aside, phobias such as this are fascinating to me. I took a psychology class my Junior year of high school and loved it. The unit on abnormal psych was especially interesting, which is where my fascination with phobias stem. Suffice it to say, I'm undoubtedly a nomophobe.

(via Ben Brooks)