On 'Misunderstood'

Ben Thompson, on the significance of Apple’s new holiday ad:

What make this ad so powerful is that it is so, so real. Oh sure, the perfection of the recording and the happy coincidence of the grandparents having an AppleTV is perhaps not so plausible, but the idea of a teenage son being disconnected, yet ultimately, deep down inside, still caring, will touch the soul of parents – and young adults – in a way few ads ever will.


By letting go of tangible product features – and, by exploiting a brand promise developed over the last decade1 – Apple is associating its flagship product with the happy resolution of that deep-seated longing on both sides, resulting in an emotion far more real than any possible articulation of a feature or spec.

This is advertising at its finest.

I like the new commercial; it really tugs at your proverbial heartstrings.

Compare and contrast this spot — or any Apple ad — with the new ones from Samsung and Nokia. I know whose product I’m more likely to buy — it isn’t Samsung’s, and certainly not Nokia’s.