On LeBron's Title

The Miami Heat won the NBA Championship last night over the Oklahoma City Thunder.

But their victory really isn’t about the team so much as it’s about LeBron James. This title is precisely the reason why LeBron took his talents to South Beach two years ago. This title is what eluded him his last two years in Cleveland after the Cavaliers had the league’s best record both seasons. This title is what Dirk and the Mavericks won against him last year. Finally, last night, LeBron got his title, effectively exorcising the demons that’ve haunted him the last several years. Even if he never wins another one, he can forever take solace in knowing he got one, and I’m sure that fact isn’t lost on him. Once a champion, always a champion.1

So seeing as how LeBron has his ring, can we stop with the LeBron/Heat hate now?

Even I, the casual observer that I am, will admit to hating the theatrics of The Decision. But, come on, that was two years ago. Whatever hate people have for LeBron over that overt display of egocentrism, it needs to be let go. He’s won his title --  now let’s see if he can manage to win six or seven more. I think the people who still hold a grudge against LeBron need to get over themselves. LeBron sure seems to be over it all, never mind that the majority of his anguish was self-inflicted. In a basketball sense, that Miami won shouldn’t come as a surprise. The fact is the Thunder are a very young team and, frankly, didn’t have the Finals experience. Miami did, and it showed. In any case, the bottom line is LeBron has his ring now, and people need to leave him alone. However idiotic and ill-advised The Decision was, what’s done is done.

Congratulatioms to LeBron. He got the monkey off his back, even if it was just this once.

  1. Even an asterisked one.  ↩