On Keyboard Accessories for the iPad

MG Siegler for TechCrunch, on a Surface-style keyboard accessory for the iPad:

I’m actually sort of surprised Apple hasn’t attempted to do something interesting in the keyboard accessory space. Yes, it may mean copying Microsoft. And yes, it may mean admitting that typing on a physical keyboard is easier than a virtual one. And yes, Apple won that battle on the phone side of things. But this is different.

Before the new iPads were announced last month, I was hoping that Apple would introduce some sort of Smart-Cover-with-a-keyboard peripheral alongside the new tablets. Obviously, they didn’t, but I’d bet a little money that something like it would accompany an even larger-screened “iPad Pro”. (To me, the "Mini" and "Air" monikers set the stage for "Pro", a la the MacBook line.) The keyboard cover for the Surface has always intrigued me, which is probably why I like the Logitech Ultrathin for iPad so much. It’s effectively a Smart Cover (albeit one made of metal) with a Bluetooth keyboard attached to it --- and it works really, really well.