On Instagramming Your Food

Kris Holt, writing for The Daily Dot:

Researchers from the University of Minnesota and Harvard University found performing rituals before you take your first bite can actually make a meal taste better and help you savor it longer. Since the act of snapping, editing, and sharing a photo is a ritual, Uproxx extrapolated the hypothesis to argue Instagramming food makes it taste better.

The researchers carried out four experiments for a paper published in the Psychological Science journal this month. The first found those who carried out a ritual before eating chocolate found it “more flavorful, valuable, and deserving of behavioral savoring.” A delay between a ritual and eating apparently makes the latter more enjoyable, while making random gestures before chowing down was less effective in making the grub more sumptuous.

This makes me feel less guilty about most of my recent photos being of food.

Because, you know, science.

(via Matthew Panzarino)