On Improving iOS

My pal Alex Guyot, on what Apple should do to better iOS:

The newest hardwares on iPads and iPhones boast 64-bit architectures, Apple’s powerful A7 chips, ridiculously long battery lives, and beautiful retina displays. Certainly this hardware still needs improvements, particularly in RAM and memory, but in terms of raw power these devices are now capable of a lot more than iOS is currently allowing them to handle.

(Emphasis mine.)

A thoughtful piece by Alex --- the bolded portion above is spot-on, in my opinion. In particular, Alex’s comments on Control Center are interesting to me. I’ve found myself more and more lately using the flashlight, clock, and calculator shortcuts, as I use those apps often. In addition, it occurred to me today that there are two camera shortcuts on the Lock screen: one in Control Center and one in the bottom right corner of the main screen. That seems strange; is it not faster to simply swipe up from the bottom-right icon? Conversely, using Control Center takes two motions.

One niggle that I seem to encounter often when working on iOS is Mail’s inability to send attachments. As you might expect, I send text files of drafts to my various editors with regularity, but I tend to wait until I’m at home, on my Mac, to send them because Mail on iOS can’t do it. It’s not terrible, but it bugs me, as I prefer sending the real Markdown document as opposed to a Dropbox share link. (Sending the latter means the recipient is booted to the Web to view said document, and has to download the file to their computer. It feels like I’m inconveniencing them that way.)

There is hope, however. A few months ago, the Mailbox guys were gracious enough to let me beta-test the app’s support for iCloud accounts. As it turns out, Mailbox — unlike Apple’s iOS Mail app — can send attachments. This is a great feature, one that I’ve increasingly taken advantage of to send drafts while working on my iPad. Here’s hoping Apple steals includes this functionality in iOS 8.