On iMessage Spam

Marco Tabini, writing for Macworld:

Is Apple’s iMessage the new favorite tool of spammers worldwide? A widely-quoted recent article written by Wired’s Robert McMillan suggests it is, even going so far as to claim that iMessage “is being taken over by spammers.” Largely based on an interview with security analyst Tom Landesman, McMillan states that, thanks to a few enterprising fraudsters who have figured out a way to take advantage of Apple’s networks, iMessage accounts for some 30 percent of all mobile spam, and that the company’s efforts at stemming the onslaught of unwanted messages are moving too slowly to catch up with the spammers. But is the problem really that dire? A closer look at the numbers suggests that the iMessage spampocalypse may be a ways off yet. I'm lucky to not have gotten any spammy iMessages, but if I ever do I'll be sure to report it to Apple.