On iMessage

Shortly after WWDC this past summer, I wrote about iOS 5, in which I said this about iMessage:

[…]It's definitely a great feature, albeit limiting to me. I don't know anyone else with an iOS device.[…]

That statement was entirely false because, as it turned out, I know more people with an iOS device than I thought. The funny thing is, finding out about it has been purely accidental. Apple did a really smart thing by color-coding messages so as to tell the user whether or not they're using iMessage: blue means iMessage whereas green means standard text message. The best part about the service is that since it's proprietary to Apple -- similar to RIM's BlackBerry Messenger -- there's no limit to how many messages you can send or bandwidth issues from the carriers. So, theoretically, one could ditch their SMS plan and text exclusively via iMessage and save themselves $20 a month for unlimited texting. (Though, in my case that isn't feasible yet because my family isn't Apple-fied like I am.) Still, I think it's pretty cool that there're more iOS users in my social circle than I had initially thought, and it's one more feature of iOS I can say I'm using fairly often. Then again, with 250M iOS devices out there, it was downright naive for me to think otherwise.