On 'Honest Writing'

Ryan Hoover, in a thoughtful piece on the impact of writing honestly:

The number of page views isn’t what matters. Making a genuine impact on one reader can make an entire career of writing worthwhile. But what compelled dozens of “strangers” to share their feelings and story with me?


We all struggle. We all have insecurities. We bury them inside in hopes of saving face when in reality, we’re not alone. People appreciate honesty. It makes writers relatable. And through honest writing, a genuine human connection can form. Those I most respect, write with vulnerability and transparency.

More so than working with so many people for whom I respect so highly, and more than being published in high profile places like Macworld, the biggest thrill I get from my freelancing is when I hear from readers that my work was so well-received. Especially for "Re-Enabled" for The Magazine, I got so many thoughtful, appreciative emails and tweets saying how touching and knowledgable my piece was. Everything I write comes straight from the heart, and it makes me so happy knowing that what I say matters to others.

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(via @Svbtle)