On Google, Design, and iOS

Matthew Panzarino for The Next Web, on Google’s approach to design on iOS:

Apple’s designs move towards textured, friendly designs that mimic real-world objects. The original Mac’s desktop paradigm is still informing the design that the company does. It’s very much a school of thought that places the needs of the 80% front and center. It’s also a look championed both by founder Steve Jobs and outgoing iOS chief Scott Forstall. And not as much by incoming head of all design Jony Ive. It will be interesting to see how it evolves.

But as far as Google is concerned, it appears to be firing on all cylinders. Creating a suite of apps that combines its web design sensibilities with interfaces that make sense on iOS for the first time in a long time. Some small elements still stand out as foreign. the drawer tab in Maps, the clever but different tab browser in Chrome. But overall the interfaces feel like they’re being more honest to the underlying iOS platform and obeying the conventions there.

As someone who’s into interface design and all, this was a fun read. An argument could be made that Google’s eye for design as of late is better and sharper than Apple’s because it doesn’t try so hard to be so damn skeuomorphic.

(via Federico Viticci)