On Going Retro

Patrick Rhone, as part of reflecting on 2012, offers a prediction for the new year:

Bonus prediction: That 2013 will be the year of opt-out. That disconnection will become hipster cool. More and more people will be replacing smart phones with dumb ones, digital with analog, social with solitude, sharing with journaling, etc.

For as much as I love my iPhone, I often wonder what it’d be like to go iPhoneless for awhile. (The lack of a data plan would certainly put a dent into my phone bill each month.) I’ve noticed myself becoming increasingly absorbed by my phone in situations where it’s not very becoming or appropriate, like during meals or at work. I feel bad for that and try to limit my usage, but at the same time, I don’t think I could go back to a dumbphone, even for a short period. For better or worse, I get too much joy out of being perpetually connected, and I’d surely miss apps such as Instagram and Fantastical. If this makes me a weaker man, then okay; at least I know where my failures lie.

All this said, I have the utmost respect for guys like Stephen Hackett who’ve gone back to the olden days, as it were. If doing so means improving one’s life, more power to them. And I agree with the essence of Patrick’s point as well: more and more, it seems like us nerds are needing to disconnect to varying degrees in order to reassess and reclaim our lives. I see a lot of value in that -- I just feel I could do the same without sacrificing my iPhone.

(via Stephen Hackett)