On Fingerprints

Craig Hockenberry ponders the uses of the iPhone 5S’s fingerprint scanner:

Cloud services are a huge part of Apple’s next decade. Everything the company is doing these days has some kind of connection to data that is stored remotely. They’re investing heavily in new data centers.

And anytime you want to access this data, you’re logging into iCloud. Wouldn’t it be great if you could skip the part where you have to type in your Apple ID?

It’s clear to me that your unique fingerprint will be tied to your unique Apple ID. Once this connection between your physical and online presences is established, some very interesting things become possible. Let’s take a look at a few things I think might happen:

Lots of interesting ideas in Craig’s piece.

Just a guess, but I would think the fingerprint scanner, for now, will be tied to Apple IDs and multi-user accounts. The latter has been a request of nearly everyone since the original iPad1, and would make good use of the technology.

  1. No sense in enabling multi users on an iPhone or iPod Touch.  ↩