On FaceTime's Origins

Shara Tibken, writing for CNET:

"I'm extremely proud of the work I did on FaceTime," Garcia said. He added that "one of the proudest moments" in his life was a launching a FaceTime call with his mother-in-law shortly after his daughter was born in 2011. She couldn't be at the birth, Garcia said, but the call made her feel more connected. "We heard her bawling in crystal clear audio in the moments afterward," Garcia said. "She told me she felt like she was right there. That's what we aimed for when we created FaceTime." Since FaceTime debuted with the iPhone 4 in 2010 --- my second iPhone after my original bricked --- I had used video calling only a handful of times. But since meeting my girlfriend in January, we've used it often, and it still feels magical and surreal. It's really wonderful. (via @applespotlight)