On Facebook Home

Matt Drance has a great take on it:

I think we’ll know well before the end of this year how Facebook Home affects handset sales. If buyers start asking “does it have Facebook Home?” — and I think many will — that will be bad news for both Google and Apple. However, the Google – Facebook war is sure to be more vicious than the Google – Apple war because Google and Facebook have the same customers: advertisers. Users are their currency, and Facebook is about to rob the bank.

Looking at the Facebook Home page, two things stand out to me:

  1. The layout and copy of the page is very Apple-like, not coincidentally I'm sure.
  2. The software itself looks really nice, unlike anything I've ever seen on Android.

Drance is spot-on in his analysis. For better or worse, many, many people see Facebook as the Internet, and I think Facebook knows it. I foresee Home being uber popular.