On Designing a Readable Website

Ben Brooks examined a selection of websites and analyzed them based on readability:

If you make your site readable, people won’t mind reading it, and if people don’t mind reading your site, then you have a chance at gaining new readers. So make your site readable.

Ben’s article was particularly interesting to me, as I’ve invested a lot of time in designing this site. My goal has always been to have a clean and good-looking place where my writing is the thing (i.e., making it readable), and I don’t think I’m too arrogant in saying that I feel I’ve achieved that. I think the site looks great1, and I’m very proud of all the hard work I’ve put into designing it. (Full disclosure: Much of the layout and design here is inspired by 512 Pixels.net.)

That Ben wrote a critique of website design and that he said to me in an email awhile back that this site “looks nice” is a tremendous compliment. Makes me feel like I’m doing right here.

  1. It’s a world of difference viewing on a Retina display versus non-Retina.  ↩