On Death Valley & Fried Eggs

Daniel D. Snyder, writing for Outside:

Death Valley National park has issued a statement on its Facebook page, asking visitors to please, please stop throwing eggs all over the damn place.

The trouble began when a park employee posted a video of herself cooking an egg in a skillet using only the power of the sun in Death Valley’s 127-degree heat. The video took off and now visitors are flocking to the park to chuck eggs on the ground to see if they cook. Unfortunately, many visitors are neglecting to use a skillet or tin foil and are just leaving drippy egg bits everywhere.

I’ve heard stories of my maternal grandfather frying eggs on the sidewalk when he was a kid.

A fried egg is one of my favorite foods, especially when cooked in bacon fat and made into a sandwich with mayonnaise and sweet-hot mustard. Really good eats.

(via @macdrifter)