On Day One and Private Writing

Mark Charan Newton shares his experience using Day One:

And the important thing for any of these pieces of writing is that they are not for publication. Unlike a writer's notebook, I never intend for any of these sketches to be seen by anyone other than me. Unlike a blog or Twitter, they're not out there in the hope someone stumbles across them. It's very liberating. It's something of a relief, in fact, to be writing without the angst or the worry. It even seems a brief countercultural statement in an age where everyone likes to punt out a piece of writing online. Sure, this is all self-indulgent nonsense, but isn't that what private writing is about?

When I wrote about Day One again last night, I hadn't considered the "private writing" angle, but Newton makes a great point. Everything I write in Day One isn't meant for the public eye; it makes using the app feel quite liberating.

On a related note, my post from yesterday has caused the site to endure its busiest day ever today. It's been weird seeing three digit numbers in the Gauges app on my iPhone. I even got a reply on the site's Twitter account from one of the Bloom Built guys (Day One's developers) thanking me for such a "thoughtful & articulate" post. I'm honored that they reached out to me, and it feels good to know my writing's appreciated. In all honesty, I don't receive that much feedback on my work here, so today's explosion in traffic today was entirely unexpected.

(via @dayoneapp)