On Cover

Ryan Lawler, writing for TechCrunch:

Payments app Cover wants to make it easier for restaurant goers to “dine and dash.” To do so legally, at least. And now it works in select San Francisco restaurants, in addition to those that accept it in New York City.

The app lets users skip waiting for a check, with a seamless process for paying a restaurant with your mobile phone instead of breaking out cash or a credit card at the end of a meal.

Just as Uber stores your payment details and automatically charges your card after your ride has been completed, so too does Cover allow you to “pay” without seeing a check.

I'm a big fan of Uber, so this idea is very appealing.

I downloaded the app and signed up; it's nicely done. I spend the majority of my time nowadays in San Francisco, so I'm excited to hopefully get a chance to try it out sooner than later.