On Constellation.fm

Since it launched last October, my show has been part of the Fiat Lux network, owned and run by my pal and co-host, Ben Alexander. Accessible has seen much success since we recorded the first episode, and I owe much to Ben for bringing me aboard his ship. Today, though, sees the launch of Constellation, the "podcasting arm" of Fiat Lux. The new site is really great: it has responsive design, a easy-to-use audio player, and looks and works great on mobile and on the desktop. It's been in the works for a while, and Ben and team worked their collective asses off to get the site ready to go. The best part, to me, about the new site is how information is presented, particularly for show notes. There are detailed synopses of each segment of each episode, along with a description of each and every link that is in the show notes. Segments are marked with time stamps, so finding a particular place in an episode is easy, and everything is shareable as well. It's this attention to detail and reimagining of the podcast network concept that we think ---- Ben and team and the hosts ---- sets Constellation apart from the rest, and pushes the medium forward. As for my part, I'm still working hard on retrofitting the show notes for Accessible's back catalog to meet the new standards, and have some ambitious plans for the show's content too. It's a slow process, but my goal is to have most (if not all) of the archived episodes readied in the new format as soon as possible. Overal, however, I'm extremely proud to be part of this small yet dedicated team, on the ground floor as we strive for Constellation's full potential. Be sure to check out the new site ---- it's well worth the look-see. In addition, Sid O'Neill wrote a great piece overviewing Constellation's mission that's a must read.