On Bees & Google Reader

MG Siegler, in a thoughtful piece on the significance of Google shit-canning Reader:

In a sense, Reader is the flower that allows the news bees to pollinate the social web. You know all those links you click on and re-share on Twitter and Facebook? They have to first be found somewhere, by someone. And I’d guess a lot of that discovery happens by news junkies using Reader.

By killing the flower, Google could also kill the bees. That would be bad for all of us, even if we no longer use Reader or have any clue what RSS is.

This is a terrific analogy, one that I hadn’t considered before. But Siegler is right: the news we all see on Twitter was in all likelihood first seen in someone’s RSS client. While I still maintain that Tweetbot is my de-facto RSS client, I agree with Siegler that the impending death of Reader is no good, for news junkies and content creators (myself included) alike.