On Apple and Sheep

Katie Fehrenbacher, writing for GigaOm, reports on Apple's North Carolina solar farms:

Apple manages the grass under the panels in a variety of ways, but one of those is a little more unusual. Apple works with a company that ropes in sheep that eat the grass on a portion of the solar farm; when the sheep finish grazing on one spot, they’re moved to the next.

It’s a more sustainable option than running gas-powered mowers across the farm, and also has the added benefit that sheep can get into smaller spaces and up close to the panels. Some companies use goats to eat grass on plots of land, but goats could chew on the farm’s wiring and solar panel parts.

It'd be interesting to know who at Apple finds these sheep, and how much they cost.

This gives whole new meaning to the word "iSheep".

(via Stephen Hackett)