On Appearing in 'The Magazine'

Fellow The Magazine writer Chris Higgins shares his experience of being published:

I knew that The Magazine was a big deal, but I didn’t know just how big. Within hours, I was overwhelmed with the flood of new Twitter followers and readers writing in to say how much they enjoyed it. I was also pleased that the subjects of the profile finally got to read the piece and liked it too

But here’s the thing: running that feature story in The Magazine was a far bigger deal than publishing my own book. I didn’t expect that. But so far, it has paid me more money, earned me more goodwill and attention, and generally increased my profile far, far more than the book. The book is just another thing I did, but this Tetris article? Apparently to many readers, this is pure gold. (And let’s be clear, I’m very proud of the article, it was hard work, and the editorial touch Glenn Fleishman brought to the writing made it sing).

I planned to write about my experience, but Chris pretty much sums it up.

My feature in Issue 9 was a huge break for me for two reasons. For one, while I’d written tons for school and here, I’d never had any of my work published. I don’t have a Journalism nor an English degree, so I have no professional background in writing for publications, print or digital. I had a story to tell and I believe in my ability to write, so I took a risk in pitching and it paid off. Secondly, working with Glenn and Marco was huge because they’re both guys I have much respect for, and I was a fan of The Magazine (i.e., a subscriber) even before pitching my first piece.

Like Chris, the feedback I’ve received (and still receiving) in the wake of my article running has been incredible. The kind words from everyone have been so touching; I’m so glad I’ve been able to educate and inspire others. I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished. In addition, the plug by Apple was totally unexpected, and I’m still blown away by the gesture. With everything I’ve been going through lately, this time in the limelight has done a lot of good for my self-esteem and emotional well-being.