On Aaron Rodgers & The 49ers

Ann Killion, writing for SFGate.com:

Rodgers, for all his strange connections to the 49ers, has faced the team he grew up rooting for and had hoped would draft him only at Lambeau Field, in 2009, 2010 and again in September.

My uncle and I were talking about the 2005 draft today. Packers head coach Mike McCarthy was the Niners offensive coordinator at the time, but he lobbied for Alex Smith. Rodgers, of course, goes to Green Bay late in the first round, at #24. McCarthy eventually ends up in Green Bay, and it’s Rodgers at QB when they win their Super Bowl together. Meanwhile, Smith suffers through seven offensive coordinators in seven years, eventually losing his job to injury to Colin Kaepernick this season. It’s fascinating to ponder the “what if?” scenario of what would’ve happened had the situations been reversed. Hindsight is always 20/20, but I tend to believe Rodgers probably wouldn’t have fared substantially better than Smith did, given the state of the team at the time. In any case, whatever grudge Rodgers still holds against the Niners for not picking him, he acknowledges in Killion’s piece how well things have worked out for him. Maybe a change of scenery in 2013 will be good for Smith. He deserves better fortune.