'Foursquare Mayorship Is Dead'

Om Malik, on the allure of now-defunct Foursquare mayorships:

It is irrational and it is crazy, but I am indeed that “guy” who lately has been fighting for the mayorship with that “girl” for the mayorship of that “coffee shop.” It is one of the primary reasons why I keep Foursquare app on the first screen of my iPhone.

I have so much emotional effort attached to the virtual mayorship of that location and it has become such a part of my daily vernacular. People joke with me about the missing mayorship. The cafe baristas offer encouragement that I will win it back. Even people who don’t know me well have often broken-the-ice by using this random and totally pointless detail, but I like it.

For me, becoming mayor of a place wasn’t as exciting as the “points race”, which evoked the same sort of irrational feelings of attachment. Foursquare’s new app, Swarm is nice enough, but I admit to missing the points feature — and to a lesser extent, mayorships. Perhaps they’ll return in time, but for now it makes Swarm less interesting than the old Foursquare app.

(via The Loop)